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*NEW - Vintage FOOTJOY American Lizard Belt, Circa 1990: 38 Inch Black

Artikelnummer: 0038FJBL

Genuine American Teju Lizard
Circa 1990
Euro 340
FootJoy originally included this elegant belt (like several others recently listed) in sets to accompany Golf or Street shoes of the same material, lizard or alligator. See:
With the closing of FootJoy's last American factory, these belts, not to mention all the other of FootJoy's exotic leather products, have gone the way of history. What you see here, collected at a time when they were still available, is largely what remains of these supreme masterpieces. Made to the same level of uncompromising craftsmanship as the shoes they once accompanied, they are among the finest genuine Teju Lizard belts in the world. 
Of course the lizard skins are padded and backed with an uninterrupted length of belt-strength calf skin for durability. Like all natural materials, each lizard skin is slightly different and so your belt can be said to be one-of-a-kind.
I have not been able to find exotic leather belts of comparable quality except at the following website:
While the belts shown here are nominally for gentlemen, they would make inspired gifts for ladies to wear with a variety of dress including jeans.
The given measurement are from the inside far end of the buckle to the second hole in the tongue, in other words leaving 5cm (2 inches) extra for expansion, and 2cm (3/4 inch) to tighten, if unlike me, you are ever to lose weight.

Condition: New and unused  Size: 38 inches (96 cm.) 


Inches           30  32  34  36 38  40
Centimeters   76  81  86  91 96 101
These skin, like those used in all FootJoy products were harvested legally under the dictates of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Endangered Species Act of 1973.


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  • Vintage FootJoy Lizard Belt Black 38 Inch (3).JPG
  • Vintage FootJoy Lizard Belt Black 38 Inch (4).JPG

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