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NEW - FRENCH SHRINER Full Brogue Budapester, Circa 1970: 43-43,5 NARROW

Artikel: 0004FS
French Shriner
5-Eyelet Full Brogue Derby (Budapester)
Circa 1970
Euro 460
Little more needs to be said of this excellent shoe than that it one of the dozen basics in the gentleman's wardrobe, useful for semi-dress or business, and in this elegant example from the heyday of the traditional American house French Shriner, a well made and dependable shoe for your collection.
Size: US 10 Narrow.....UK 9 Narrow......43-43,5, for the narrow, (B,C) foot. For the gentleman who has been obliged to use additional inner-soles or adhesive pads, etc., to fill an over-wide shoe, here is the correct narrow width to hug your foot and give you the proper support and comfort of a correct fit. 
Condition: New and never worn. Trees not included.
Quality: This shoe should not be compared to the current off-shore production marketed under the French Shriner name.  These are vintage American-made, Goodyear welted shoes comparable to Florsheim's double sole Imperials, or Nettleton's or Hanover's brogues of the period. 
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