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Neuwertig - PEAL & Co. - Brooks Brothers Classic Monk Strap: 47D

[English below]                                                      Artikelnummer: 041976

The Classic Monk Strap
Made in England by “Special Order”
Peal & Co.-Brooks Brothers
New York
Euro 320
Wir haben einen extrem gut gefertigten Schuh vor uns, mit Sicherheit einen unter den bestgefertigsten, britischen Schuhen den man finden kann, in einem geschmeidigen, klassischen Stil langer Tradition. Rahmengenäht und “channelled”. Dieses besondere Modell kann mit jeder, ausser mit formalster Kleidung, getragen werden. Fügen Sie Ihrer Business-Garderobe etwas Flair hinzu- und etwas Eleganz.
Zustand: Superb. Sehr leicht getragen. 
Grösse: 47D, für den mittel-breiten Fuss. (US 13D) (UK 12E)
Käufer zahlt EUR 6.90 Versandkosten als versichertes Paket. Verkauf ohne Schuh-Spanner.
The Classic Monk Strap
Made in England by “Special Order”
Peal & Co.-Brooks Brothers
New York
Euro 320
Since January 1965 and the closure of the venerable Peal & Co. firm, Brooks Brothers have marketed superb Edward Green shoes under the "Brooks English" and Peal & Co. names. In recent years they replaced Green with Crockett and Jones and Alfred Sargent products. This present shoe is extremely well made, one might say, of the best ready-made quality, and certainly among the very best made British shoes, and by a fine maker, although I cannot say who.
Compare the soles of this shoe with a John Lobb ready-made monk. Both are Goodyear welted into a channelled and “skived” sole and in every other detail too these two monks the same, leaving little doubt that that the Peal production is made in the same workshop as Lobb’s ready-mades, a workshop that Lobb declines to identify!
The one difference is the price; Lobb’s are over 1000 Euro today.
Condition: Near new. No actual wear to bottoms.
Size: 13D US.......12E UK.............European 47D, for the mid-width foot.
Monk Strap Shoes are very much in the English taste, an aristocrat’s shoe from the old school, but have penetrated the consciousness of Continentals and North Americans alike over the years. I myself have long been a great fan of the Monk Strap and have a pair for myself in more or less every configuration, including calfskins, cordovan and the not-to-be-neglected Suede Monk. Most Monks are plain fronted, affording an elegant, steam-lined look suitable for all but the most formal dress, and punctuated with the insouciance of a discreet buckle, they proclaim the independence of the gentleman from conservative convention while observing the proven dictates of tradition.
Si vous êtes intéressé par les plus grandes références dans le domaine de la chaussure de luxe pour homme de fabrication artisanale, par les noms des ateliers les plus traditionnels, Edward Green, Crockett & Jones, Alden, Grenson, John Lobb, Allen Edmonds, Church's English Shoes, et, en particulier, les exceptionnels – mais en France trop peu connu – bottiers américains FLORSHEIM, FOOTJOY et HANOVER, n'hésitez pas à me consulte. Etant donné que mes textes figurant sont pour la plupart rédigés en anglais ou en allemand, je répondrais volontiers de manière plus détaillée à vos questions en français, en vous demandant de montrer de l’indulgence pour mon français approximatif.


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