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*MASON, SHELL CORDOVAN Full Brogue Budapester, Circa 1970:41,5C

                                                                Artikelnummer Mason 0002

Mason Shoe Company
Shell Cordovan
Full Wing-Tip Brogue Budapester (Derby)
Euro 340
The name "Executive Imperial" was the trade mark of the Mason Shoe Company, Chippewa Fall, Wisconsin. Mason was know for producing shoes for high-end emporia for rebranding. In any case, they produced an excellent shoe that resembles the other less well-know but excellent firm, Nettleton, With double sole, Goodyear welted, of course and with 360 degree storm welt (split reverse welt) (last photo), this is a massive brogue in a beautiful deep aubergine-colour, a classic cordovan of the old American school.  
Size: US 8,5C, for the slightly narrower foot.
Deutsche Grösse: 41,5C, für den etwas schlankeren Fuss.
Condition/Zustand: Near new/Neuwertig...showing trivial wear.


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