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ALDEN - Brooks Brothers BLACK SHELL CORDOVAN Full Brogue OXFORD: 44D

 [English Below]                                                                                Artikelnummer: BLBB0109

Alden of New England
Brooks Brothers
BLACK Shell Cordovan - Pferdeleder
Full Brogue Oxford
Euro 380 
Dies ist einer der grossartigsten Modelle der Firma Alden, der Shell Cordovan Full Brogue. Dieser Schuh ist ganz gewiss ein Klassiker, der in einer grossen Tradition steht. Ein jedes Stück Leder ist unterschiedlich und ich beginne zu glauben, dass Alden mit seinen besten Stücken tatsächlich Brooks Brothers beliefert! Auf alle Fälle ist dies ein ausgenommen schönes Stück Cordovan.
Deutsche Grösse: 44D....(10,5D US)....(9,5E UK) für den mittel-breiten Fuss.
Zustand: Orginal-Sohle und Absatz leicht getragen.
Alden of New England
Brooks Brothers
BLACK Shell Cordovan Full Brogue Oxford
Euro 380
Alden is, of course the premiere purveyor of cordovan shoes in the world, and this shoe is proof positive of their excellence; truly one of my personal favourites. Every piece of leather is a bit different from every other and I begin to believe that Alden reserves their choicest hides for their Brooks Brother production. In any cases the leather used in this shoe is an especially handsome piece of Cordovan and beautifully coloured in an intense and deeply saturated black.  Cordovan is usually found in shades of burgundy -oxblood, cherry, aubergine; the very useful and practical black cordovan, as seen here, is the is the Oxford variety of the Cordovan Full Brogue (most are the "Derby" model). This shoe, if it is your size, is a true "find"!
Size: 10,5D US..... (9,5E UK)..... Continental: 44D, for the mid-width foot.
Condition: Original sole and heel showing very light wear. Excellent
Cordovan is traditionally an American preoccupation but now, lately, very much in vogue among European businessmen and professionals, who, after all, are the most likely to be able to afford these 600-plus Euro shoes.  Duty and VAT make these  American-made shoes considerably more expensive in Europe than in America, actually about 35% higher. 
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