Navigation and Use of the Website

Unlike a boulevard shoe store with a limited number of models but in every size, the website has hundreds of models, including some of the most obscure and wonderful examples from, what can only be called, “artists” of the past, but in a limited number of sizes. Often there is only one example of a great shoe. The challenge then is to find this “needle in the haystack” of the website.

It can be amusing, occasionally, to “turn” the pages of the website and see everything, but for efficiency, use the “Quick Shoe Finder” to focus on your particular interest, without going through the website page after page. My own preference would be to search by size; you limit what appears to your own size without distraction, but you may also find something of interest that you did not anticipate; there are many one-of-a-kind items that one would never think of in advance. Indeed, it is these wonderful rarities that “make” the collection of the proverbial “gentlemen who has everything”.

There has been some discussion about my not removing recent sales from view, as is the common practice. My intention in retaining these is to provide a record to the purchaser and, also to provide the visitor with an overview of styles and a general price reference, this and, frankly, there are some rarities among these shoes that it would be a pity allow to disappear from public view after they are sold. Thus with apologies to the less passionate viewer who might take exception to the clutter of historical inclusions, but with the encouragement of my faithful collector clients and shoe aficionados, I continue to conserve the record of the rare and beautiful, of the late and great. I welcome your views on this subject and, indeed, any comments on the stucture or workings of the website.